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Game Boy Complete Game List
Game Boy Complete Game List
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Release Date
Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman! Action TBA 1994
Wario Land II Action 03/02/1998
Water World Action
Wave Race Driving TBA 1992
Wayne's World Action TBA 1993
WCW: The Main Event Sports TBA 1994
We're Back!: A Dinosaur's Story Action TBA 1993
Wheel of Fortune Puzzle TBA 1990
Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Action TBA 1991
Wild Snake Action TBA 1994
Winter Gold Sports
Word Zap Puzzle TBA 1992
Wordtris Puzzle TBA 1992
World Beach Volley Sports TBA
World Bowling Sports TBA 1990
World Circuit Series Action TBA 1992
World Cup 98 Sports TBA
World Heroes 2 Jet Action 02/23/1995
World Ice Hockey Sports TBA
Worm Visitor Action TBA
Worms Strategy TBA
WWF King of the Ring Sports TBA 1993
WWF Raw Sports 01/24/1994
WWF Superstars Sports TBA 1991
WWF Superstars 2 Sports TBA 1992
WWF War Zone Sports TBA 1998
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