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Game Boy Complete Game List
Game Boy Complete Game List
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Release Date
Caesars Palace Strategy TBA 1991
Captain America and the Avengers Action TBA 1994
Captain Knick-Knack Action TBA
Captain Tsubasa J Sports TBA
Captain Tsubasa Vs. Sports TBA
Casino Funpak Strategy TBA 1995
Casper Adven. TBA 1996
Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge Action TBA 1991
Castlevania Legends Action 11/26/1997
Castlevania: The Adventure Action TBA 1989
Catrap Puzzle TBA 1990
Centipede Puzzle TBA 1992
Centipede / Millipede Action TBA 1995
Championship Pool Sports TBA 1993
Chase HQ Driving TBA 1990
Chessmaster 2 Puzzle TBA 1993
Choplifter II Action TBA 1991
Chuck Rock Action TBA 1993
Cliffhanger Action TBA 1993
College Slam Sports TBA 1996
Contra: The Alien Wars Action TBA 1994
Cool Spot Action TBA 1994
Cool World Action TBA 1993
Cosmo Tank Action TBA 1990
Crazy Burger Action TBA
Crystal Quest Action TBA 1991
Cutthroat Island Action TBA 1996
Cyraid Action TBA 1991
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