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Game Boy Complete Game List
Game Boy Complete Game List
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Release Date
Pac-Attack Puzzle TBA 1994
Pac-in-Time Action TBA 1995
Pac-Man Action TBA 1991
Panel Action Bingo Strategy TBA 1993
Paperboy Action TBA 1990
Paperboy 2 Action TBA 1992
Parasol Stars: Rainbow Islands II Action TBA
Parodius Action TBA
Penguin Wars Action TBA 1990
PGA European Tour Sports TBA 1995
PGA Tour '96 Sports TBA 1995
Picross 2 Puzzle TBA
Pinball Dreams Action TBA 1993
Pinball Fantasies Action TBA 1995
Pinocchio Action TBA 1995
Pipe Dream Puzzle TBA 1990
Pit Fighter Action TBA 1992
Play Action Football Sports TBA 1990
Pocahontas Action TBA 1996
Pocket Bomberman Action TBA
Pokemon Blue RPG 09/30/1998
Pokemon Red RPG 09/30/1998
Pokemon Yellow Edition: Special Pikachu Edition RPG 10/19/1999
Pop-Up Action TBA 1992
Popeye Action TBA
Popeye 2 Action TBA 1993
Power Mission Strategy TBA 1991
Power Racer Driving TBA 1990
Prehistorik Man Action TBA 1996
Pri Pri Puzzle TBA
Primal Rage Action TBA 1995
Prince of Persia Action TBA 1992
Prophecy: The Viking Child Action TBA 1992
Punisher Action TBA 1991
Puzzle Boy Puzzle TBA
Pyramids of Ra Action TBA 1994
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