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Fable II
Developer: Lionhead Studios
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Today's GU Rank: 205 of 40979
North America: Fable II Release Date US Release: October 21, 2008
Japan: Fable II Release Date JP Release: December 18, 2008
UK/EU: Fable II Release Date EU Release: October 24, 2008
Australia: Fable II Release Date AU Release: October 23, 2008
Also known as: Fable 2
Platforms: X360
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Infinite Experience *Pre-Patch*
Once you get into Bowerstone Market walk to Town Square. Once there you will find a potion shopkeeper on the left hand side. Walk around the right side of the buildings there and down an alley to find a house known as Monster Manor. Sleep in this manor to gain its benefit (+1 star of Physique) Once you gain this benefit, go to your abilities list, select physique and hit Y to unlearn it. You will find that the bonus star from the house does not disappear, but the experience is given to you anyway. You can repeat this process over and over, the more stars you have in physique the more exp you get each time. This experience is general experience and can be applied to any skills.