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Today's GU Rank: 598 of 40963
North America: Legend of the Dragon Release Date US Release: May 29, 2007
ESRB: (T) Teen
Platforms: Wii PSP PS2
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Legend of the Dragon
Legend of the Dragon Box shot / Cover Art
Publisher: The Game Factory
Release Date: May 29, 2007
Game Summary
The Legend of the Dragon is a story based on the Chinese zodiac, which holds great mystical power. Each sign has its own temple, and each temple has its own guardian. The evil Zodiac Master is trying to attain the powers of the twelve guardians, but the Golden Dragon stands in his way. When the Chinese martial arts student, Ang, is chosen over his twin sister, Ling, the next Golden Dragon destined to fight the Zodiac Master, Ling joins the dark side in a quest for redemption!

Legend of the Dragon for the Sony PSP - Legend of the Dragon (Sony PSP Game)
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