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North America: Legend of Kay Release Date US Release: September 21, 2005
Platforms: PS2
Legend of Kay
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Neon Studios
Release Date: September 21, 2005
Game Summary
SynopsisYou are Kay, a young orphan who is learning the discipline of the martial arts. You and your fellow cats of Yenching used to live peacefully, until the gorillas came. The emperor Shun, ruthless and driven by conquest, attacked your village with the intent of takeover. Now your must use your skills against the gorillas and attempt to bring peace to your beloved home.Legend of Kay unleashes a fantastic world of enchanted animals living on a mythical island in the Chinese sea. You will set out on a grueling quest across the vast island of Yenching in an effort to defeat the warlike gorillas. A highly detailed world, from an abandoned city to an ancient crypt and beyond, comes alive with lush graphics and vivid character animations. Ride a wild boar. Fly an amazing dragon. You will master more than 40 different martial-arts fighting moves and wield three special weapons throughout your struggle. Your fellow cats need your help. The gorillas must be stopped. Accept the challenge.