LA Street Racing

LA Street Racing for the PC

  1. LA Street Racing

    Publisher: Groove Games

    Developer: Groove Games

    Release Date: May 28, 2007

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Game Summary

The night is yours, the streets are yours and that sucker's ride is going to be yours too, just as soon as the pedals drop and this show hits the road, literally. Just strap in, hold on and don't swallow your tongue, because there's no first and second place here, only winners and losers. Tracks on city streets are lit up with turns indicated by large glowing arrows. Avoid parked cars and other obstacles. Watch out, the hand brake is quite touchy and takes some getting used to, try using regular braking to slow your speed and avoid spinning out around corners. Good luck!

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Game Detail

Today's GU Rank: 220 of 40991
North America: LA Street Racing Release Date US Release: May 28, 2007
Platforms: PC

Game Rating

Story 8.6 Overall Rating
Graphics 8.6
Music/Sound 8.3
Gameplay 8.9
Ratings Count 40 Rate Game
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