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North America: Jackass the Game Release Date US Release: October 24, 2007
Platforms: PSP PS2 DS
Jackass the Game
Developer: Red Mile Ent.
Release Date: October 24, 2007
Game Summary
SynopsisFor years they've been saying, "Don't try these stunts at home." But with Jackass: The Game, you have the chance to perform all the crazy, gross and outrageous stunts you want to try. Based on the hit Jackass franchise, this game lets you take on the roles of Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O and many other characters from the Jackass gang. Complex physical dynamics bring every bone-jarring, blood-spurting stunt to life as you explore an open-ended and off-the-wall interactive environment.Packed with more than 35 diverse scenarios, you'll get to experience stunts that are too insane for real life. Shoot down the streets of San Francisco in a garbage can while dodging traffic. Go wild on a golf course and drive a golf cart into anything and everything you see. The detailed in-game injury system tracks every broken bone, shattered femur and ruptured spleen. The more punishment you inflict on your characters, the higher your score! Jackass: The Game lets you live on the edge without the pain and hospital visits of real life.
Jackass the Game for the Nintendo DS - Jackass the Game (Nintendo DS Game)
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