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Nintendo DS Complete Game List
Nintendo DS Complete Game List
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Release Date
B-17: Fortress in the Sky Action 06/19/2007
Backyard Basketball Sports 09/18/2007
Backyard Football Sports 10/16/2007
Backyard Hockey Sports 10/02/2007
Bakegyamon: Ayakashi Fighting Action TBA
Baken DS Puzzle TBA
Bakumaru: Battle Brawlers Action TBA
Balls of Fury Sports TBA 2007
Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses Action 01/14/2007
Bartender DS Puzzle TBA
Baten Kaitos Origins RPG TBA
Battles of Prince of Persia Strategy 12/06/2005
Battleship / Connect Four / Sorry! / Trouble Puzzle TBA 2006
Bee Movie Game Action 10/30/2007
Ben 10: Protector of Earth Action 10/30/2007
Betty Boop 'Double Shift' Puzzle TBA 2007
Big Brain Academy Puzzle 06/05/2006
Big Mutha Truckers Driving 10/19/2005
Biker Mice from Mars Driving 06/05/2007
Bikkuriman Daijiten Puzzle TBA
Bionicle Heroes Action 11/14/2006
Biz Nouryoku DS Series: Wagokoro no Moto Puzzle TBA
Biz Nouryoku Series: Miryoku Kaikaku Puzzle TBA
Biz Taiken DS Series: Kigyoudou Inshoku Puzzle TBA
Black & White Creatures Strategy TBA 2007
Black Cat: Kuroneko no Concerto Action TBA
Black Jack: Hi no Tori Hen Adven. TBA
Blades of Thunder II Sim. 04/18/2006
Bleach DS 2nd: Kokui Hirameku Requiem Action TBA
Bleach: The Blade of Fate Action TBA 2007
Bob Ross Painting (working title) Strategy TBA
Boku wa Koukuu Kanseikan DS Sim. TBA
Bomberman Action 06/21/2005
Bomberman Land Touch! Puzzle 11/07/2006
Bomberman Story DS RPG TBA
Bouken-Ou Beet Action TBA
Boulder Dash: ROCKS! Action TBA 2007
Brain Age 2: More Training in Minutes a Day Puzzle 08/20/2007
Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day Puzzle 04/17/2006
Brain Boost: Beta Wave Puzzle 11/17/2006
Brain Boost: Gamma Wave Puzzle 11/17/2006
Brain Buster Puzzle Pak Puzzle 06/15/2007
Bratz 4 Real Adven. 10/22/2007
Bratz Ponyz Puzzle 07/30/2007
Bratz: Forever Diamondz Action 09/18/2006
Bratz: Super Babyz Action 11/05/2007
Brave Action TBA 2008
Brave Story Action TBA
Break 'Em All Action 06/20/2006
BreakSoul Adven. TBA
Brothers In Arms DS Action 06/21/2007
Bubble Bobble Double Shot Action TBA 2007
Bubble Bobble Revolution Action 10/03/2006
Build-A-Bear Sim. 10/23/2007
Bukyou Action TBA
Bunnyz 2 Sim. TBA
Burnout Legends Driving 11/29/2005
Bust-A-Move DS Puzzle 12/06/2005